Reasons Why Hiring a Resume Writer is Great For Your Career

For many job seekers, the most stressful and nerve-racking event is sitting down to write and update their resume. It’s a necessary evil, and many people struggle with the best way to showcase their accomplishments to potential employers. In addition, conflicting resume writing strategies that litter the web, many of which are outdated for a modern job search, creates even more confusion for job seekers. The doubt ranges from figuring out the best way to format the resume, to deciding which accomplishments to include or leave out, and how to describe these accomplishments with the most powerful and quantifiable words. Computers now screen out qualified applicants before a hiring manager reviews a single one. In addition, job seekers also have to utilize cover letters and social media platforms as part of their job hunt.

Despite these complexities, most people refuse to seek professional guidance for some of the most important tasks needed to score the career of their dreams and receiving a much higher salary. Here are the top reasons job seekers haven’t utilized a professional writing service, and why they’re false.

“I can do it myself!”

This is true, and you can do nearly anything yourself. You can cut your own hair, change your oil, cook a four course meal, paint your house, reshingle your roof, fix a broken pipe, tailor your own clothes, brew your own beer, etc. Most people hire professionals because they want expertise, they want to save time, they want quality, and they don’t want to be bothered with the headache and stress of doing it themselves. The same applies to writing your own resume. For a fraction of a week’s pay, you can shave many months off of your job search. In addition, with the help of a qualified business professional who specializes in finding your strengths to craft your strongest possible resume, you might even learn you’re more qualified than you imagined, and should be applying for jobs with a much higher salary. As a result, paying for a quality resume writing service truly is a win-win situation, and should be thought of as an investment in yourself.

“Seems Unethical!”

This stems from the days when we were in school, and were required to do our homework, conduct research and write our own essays. Applying for a job is not the same as submitting work to your teacher. Applying for a job is about salesmanship and marketing. You are marketing yourself to an employer and you are selling your services, your skills and qualifications, to get the job done. Take the cue from corporations that sale you a promising and athletic lifestyle if you drink their sports drink or endless happiness from your kids once you buy that toy. As you already know, this is all marketing, and a lot of these commercials are done by agencies who are hired to market and sell a lifestyle that drives you to buy a product. Where you stand on the ethics of this practice is your choice, but it’s a reality, and you should take the same approach when you search for jobs.

“I know myself better than anyone knows me!”

Complete self-awareness is not a trait many people have. If it were, therapists wouldn’t be in business. And the main issue is that the majority of us have been conditioned to not brag since an early age, which does us no good on the job hunt. In addition, our talents become so routine to us, we fail to recognize where we excel and overlook some of our most important accomplishments. If we don’t know or can’t see what we’re truly good at, then we can’t honestly market ourselves to a position that we’re most qualified for, and thus get hired faster and make more money.

As a result, it truly helps working with someone who can see your talents and accomplishments for what they are, can quantify them in a meaningful way, and then market them in a way that will capture the eye of the hiring manager. Each position is different, so it’s crucial to rely on the expertise of someone who understands where you’re trying to go and has a clear path on how to get there. You might be able to get one of your friends or colleagues to read your resume, but that won’t guarantee the same level of quality as an expert who has the perspective of a hiring manager and who will start from scratch with you, build your marketing materials from the ground up, and dedicate themselves to highlighting your strengths in the best possible way.

“It’s Too Expensive!”

The costs for services vary greatly, but at the end of the day, it’s about you feeling confident in the service you receive and the marketing materials your resume writing service offers you. You can find very cheap resumes written overseas by writers who speak English as a second language. However, these are often riddled with small grammatical errors that are a red flag to potential employers. While more expensive, domestic services often offer top tier, Ivy League educated writers who are current on the most recent resume trends and who command the English language in eloquent style. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. However, this is not to say the most expensive services are necessarily the best.

You should evaluate services on what your end goals are and what each service provides. Will you work with someone who will take the time to get to know you? Do they offer a strong satisfaction guarantee policy? If they’re revamping your LinkedIn profile, are they structuring it as a different way to market yourself, or will they just regurgitate the content in your resume? Places guaranteeing that you will receive a job after using them should send your running for the hills since it’s you that has to perform in the interview. Most of the resume writing horror stories are attributable to cheap, low quality shops that failed to take the time to better understand their customers.

Do you need a resume writer?

For me, it’s a resounding yes. Resume writing is a service, and like any service, you’re paying for time saved and needless headaches. Also, like any service, quality varies person to person and company to company, so it helps to do your due diligence making sure you found an organization that’s reputable. It’s easy to hang a shingle and claim you’re resume writer. It’s also easy to get a certificate, yet not actually be a good writer, or not be knowledgeable on the latest trends in what employers are seeking, current hiring practices, and effective modern resume formats. What you need is a combination of someone who writes well, who can listen to your needs and who can recognize and refine your potential, who is confident in current hiring and resume practices, and who can package these components effectively to catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Your resume, cover letter, and social media platforms are marketing materials. Nothing more. Nothing less. These materials need to simply get you in the door, and entice the person who’s looking at them to give you a call or email to learn more about you.

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