Our Mission

Do you become frustrated or anxious when you apply to jobs and feel your resume and cover letter stays floating in the abyss?

Give yourself a shot at success!

We aim to give you more control of your future and take the mystery out of applying to jobs. We want to eliminate the anxiety you feel when you submit a resume or cover letter, constantly wondering if you should work on it a bit more.

Do you want to increase your abilities of receiving interviews? We are here for you.

Job Services Online has many strategies you can utilize to help increase the odds of having the right person see your resume. Remember, the point of a resume and cover letter is to get you an interview. No more. No Less.

Job Services Online will ensure your resume,  cover letter, and LinkedIn profile reflect your achievements and your qualifications. These marketing materials need to get pass applicant screening softwares, get pass those other resumes, catch the attention of the HR rep or the hiring manager, and motivate that person to send you a message requesting an interview.

The typical process looks like:

Resume Writing Services


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